Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Beauty

Today was a pretty productive day for our very first fashion photo shoot ^_^. The weather was weird though, it was a lot colder than I expected which obviously indicates the end of Summer...boo. Oh well fashion changes with the seasons :)

A mature beauty was goal
My outfit today consisted of:
- an olive green asymmetrical chiffon skirt
- a casual blouse that was purchased from YesStyle
- wine red wig from eBay
- black houndstooth pattern peep toe heels from Macy's
- grey circle lenses from PinkyParadise
- black frame glasses. 

I forgot to take close-up pictures of my face so you can see the circle lenses, but I'll get them next time. (︶︹︺)

Deep thinker
Any ways we can start with the hair, I got this lovely wine colored wig from eBay. My absolute go to spot for all of my cosplay wigs!

This wig is absolutely gorgeous because the color is noticeable but in a very sultry way. There are waves throughout which keep it pretty and fun! 
It rarely tangles so I guess I lucked out with this one. The length is perfect, because you can either leave it loose or tie it up if you wish! 

I highly recommend anyone looking for a red wig to check out this wine red wig on Ebay!

Next a quick blurb on the glasses! 
I got them from eBay as well AND they were a dollar and change! (Super cheap >.<)

The next I did when I got them was pop the lens out and viola! 

Fashion Frames ^_^

My shirt is from Yesstyle, by a brand called 59 Seconds. 
(I am a shop-o-holic and love shopping at Yesstyle. >.<)

This lovely over sized shirt is very comfortable and soft. The design is of a little school girl with some balloons on it. (So~~ cute! How can I not buy it? lol.) 

When I got it, I was super pleased with my purchase! 

The quality is amazing!

It's a free size and with a mixture of polyester and cotton, making the purchase so totally worth it. ^_^

Check it out! Here at this link! ----> 59 Seconds Girl Balloon Print T-Shirt

The asymmetrical chiffon skirt I got was from Forever 21. (You'd be amazed with the stuff you can find in there.)

I like to add that I am a sucker for army green color so when I saw it I had to have it! The lightweight material and train made it perfect. 

Plus, the shirt and the skirt went nicely together because of the off-white tone of the shirt.

Black peep toe racer heels, complete with outfit and accessories 
Lastly are my awesome shoes, that Hang picked out for me! They have this racer/k-pop vibe that I can't ignore and have fast become my go to heels. 

I got them from Macy's and they have houndstooth pattern that compliment the heels!

Here are some more pictures from today's shoot!
This beauty is ready to pounce ;)
Waiting for my equally cool lover

Number 1
Till next time----
We had so much fun today doing this shoot and there will be plenty more in the future!

We may even start making videos, depending on the weather....

Hang in there guys and stay tuned-----Kai Out

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