Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kai's Uniqso Purchase Review

Haha! OMG! Look it's Kai back from the dead, sorry I haven't been here at all but Mei has so at least the blog isn't barren; I do believe we're slated for a revamp in the spring or summer not sure yet. >_<

Anyways, on to the review!

I bought some new green lenses from Uniqso on January 8th and they arrived on the 28th, due to the fact that I chose standard shipping. Still the entire process really didn't take that long and I'm always pleased with Uniqso's service. ^_^

The lenses came in their standard packaging kept safe by bubble wrap, with two individual bottles for the lenses and a clear crystal case. 

Dolly Brand
Pop C Light Green
Base Curve - 8.6mm
 Diameter - 15.5mm
Water Content Level - 38%

The lenses have the classic black ring on the outer part of the lens with fine black specs on the inner ring to really amplify the color. As noted in the picture to the left. ^_^ So pretty!

I didn't get to wear them for the max amount of time I normally wear my lenses for, but I had them on for almost 3.5 hours and they are very comfortable!

I needed vibrant green lenses for future cosplay endeavors, and these caught my eye on the website! Turns out that I chose right!!! I absolutely love these circle lenses ^_^  

In natural, low light settings, with no camera flash you can clearly see the green color of the lens, and the prominent black ring.

I have dark brown eyes and this is how the color shows up on my eyes. I am very happy about this because sometimes it's hard to find lenses that will let you have this type of color without looking unnatural. >_<

In a brightly lit environment (still no flash), the color really pops and you can really see the enlarging effect of the lenses.

These are all in all beautiful lenses that I'm happy to add to my collection, they're comfortable, vibrant, and stylish! I will definitely look into purchasing more lenses from this collection.

If you want to get them! Click here to be directed to Uniqso's website!--->Pop C Light Green

You won't regret it!