Friday, October 17, 2014

Uniqso 2nd Purchase - Part 2

Hello! I'm just picking up from my last post on my Uniqso purchase. If you missed the last review post then scroll down one. If you just want to click a link it's here:
 Uniqso 2nd Purchase Review - Part 1


ICK Garent Blue

ICK Garent Blue Specification
Base Curve - 8.6mm
Diameter - 15mm
Replacement Period - 12 months
Water Content - 42%

First I like to say.... sorry for my hair in this picture to the left. I took off my wig and forgot to take a picture to compare my eyes. >.<

Anyway, continuing on....

I absolutely love this contact! I wore the ICK Garnet Blue all day at work. (8hrs + 2hrs total commute = 10hrs) Not once did it felt dry to me, even though I look at computer screens all day.

The enlarging effect is nice and beautiful. Even at 15mm diameter, I can hardly feel the lenses. 
It felt so comfortable in my eyes. <3
The best thing about these Garnet blue circle lenses is that it is SUPER bright!

The color is very noticeable in the different lightnings. Of course, the blue is more noticeable in the brightest light. 

These lenses are a bit different to the ICK Animate Green in my last review. The black outside border is not as thick and the details in the blue area is different too.
Though, if you ask me to choose between ICK Garnet and ICK Animate I won't be able too. LOL

I highly recommend the ICK Garnet Blue for any dark eyed person looking to have blue eyes or, anyone who wants bright blue circle lenses for their cosplays.

Here are two examples of the effects the different lights have on my eyes.  

Indoor with sunlight through
the windows.
Sunlight (Early Morning)

I can't think of anything else to say.... so I'll end it with the picture below.

Think about the ICK Garnet Blue lenses the next time you are looking for any blue lenses.
 all of these photos are on a cellphone front camera. Imagine how pretty it will be on a SLR camera! >< LOL

 If you want to check it out then go to Uniqso! Here is the link!

-Mei ^^

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