Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kai's Uniqso Purchase Review

Haha! OMG! Look it's Kai back from the dead, sorry I haven't been here at all but Mei has so at least the blog isn't barren; I do believe we're slated for a revamp in the spring or summer not sure yet. >_<

Anyways, on to the review!

I bought some new green lenses from Uniqso on January 8th and they arrived on the 28th, due to the fact that I chose standard shipping. Still the entire process really didn't take that long and I'm always pleased with Uniqso's service. ^_^

The lenses came in their standard packaging kept safe by bubble wrap, with two individual bottles for the lenses and a clear crystal case. 

Dolly Brand
Pop C Light Green
Base Curve - 8.6mm
 Diameter - 15.5mm
Water Content Level - 38%

The lenses have the classic black ring on the outer part of the lens with fine black specs on the inner ring to really amplify the color. As noted in the picture to the left. ^_^ So pretty!

I didn't get to wear them for the max amount of time I normally wear my lenses for, but I had them on for almost 3.5 hours and they are very comfortable!

I needed vibrant green lenses for future cosplay endeavors, and these caught my eye on the website! Turns out that I chose right!!! I absolutely love these circle lenses ^_^  

In natural, low light settings, with no camera flash you can clearly see the green color of the lens, and the prominent black ring.

I have dark brown eyes and this is how the color shows up on my eyes. I am very happy about this because sometimes it's hard to find lenses that will let you have this type of color without looking unnatural. >_<

In a brightly lit environment (still no flash), the color really pops and you can really see the enlarging effect of the lenses.

These are all in all beautiful lenses that I'm happy to add to my collection, they're comfortable, vibrant, and stylish! I will definitely look into purchasing more lenses from this collection.

If you want to get them! Click here to be directed to Uniqso's website!--->Pop C Light Green

You won't regret it!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Uniqso Purchase Review

It's that time again!
I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, but being sick and busy with work has put me out of commission. ><


I seriously love Uniqso! They are so helpful and it is such an easy shopping experience!
Their packing skills are still awesome! I am never disappointed at how carefully they pack the orders.

Uniqso was having an awesome sale on the ICK brand. Therefore, I might as well take the opportunity to buy more colors! ^^

The colors I bought are:
ICK Garnet Red
ICK Elegant Violet
ICK Animate Grey

I bought these because I wanted all the different kind of ICK brand. I've noticed that this brand is very comfortable and easy to wear. I love the enlarging effect that it have. I found out there are more different types.... I'm going to need to get them. ><

ICK Garnet Red

Base Curve - 8.6mm
Diameter - 15mm
Replacement Period -12 months
Water Content - 42%

This is one of my favorite type out of the ICK brand. Before I bought this I got the Garnet Blue that I love so much. The Garnet Red did not disappoint me!

The color is lovely because, to me, it is not a too bright of a red that people will be afraid of. The thick dark rim on the outside of the circle really helps with the enlarging effect. Plus, the different shade of thin red lines that strikes into the middle makes it more natural. (If red is what you call natural. haha) What I mean is that the Garnet Red has a more pleasing look to it.

I really love the overall feel of this circle contact lenses. It is so comfortable that I hardly knew I was wearing it.

Here are more pictures of me wearing the Garnet Red.

Check out the Garnet Red on Uniqso website here: Garnet Red Link


ICK Elegant Violet

Base Curve - 8.6mm
Diameter - 15mm
Replacement Period -12 months
Water Content - 42%

The ICK Elegant Violet is really gorgeous. I bought this color because I wanted a purple circle contact lenses. Like all the ICK brand I have tried, this did not disappoint me in comfort. I wore this all day to work (10hrs work day, if I work a normal 8 hours plus 2 hour travel time).

The purple is a very bright color. Do not let my phone camera quality and poor lighting distract you. The design of the circle lenses is a thin dark black rim that is not fully filled, thus giving it a smoother transition from the whites of your eyes. Even the inside of the purple has lines that meet up in to form a circle in the middle of the lenses.
Unlike the Garent Red,the Elegant Violet have a clear circle to create the "pupil" of your eyes instead of fading in. 
I like the different look the Elegant have. It is still pretty! I love how bright it looks when light actually shines properly! (As noted to the right.)

Check out the Elegant Violet on Uniqso page here: Elegant Violet Link

ICK Animate Grey

Base Curve - 8.6mm
Diameter - 15mm
Replacement Period -12 months
Water Content - 42%

Please ignore my derpy face....

I bought the Animate Grey because I wanted Grey Circle Lenses. >< I already have the Animate Green and I love that so I decided to get this.

Despite the unnatural look of the lenses and how much it seem it should be use only for cosplay, it is really lovely. On my dark brown eyes the grey shows up nicely. I have received a lot of compliments on these.

This is going to sound repetitive but it is really comfortable. For all ICK type of contacts I have, I just need a little bit of eyeliner to have my eyes appear natural with the circle lenses.

The Animate Grey is truly pretty to wear for a nice causal day!

Check out the Animate Grey on Uniqso website here: Animate Grey Link

Well that's it! Sorry again for the late review. 
I blame work....
- Mei ^^

Friday, October 17, 2014

Uniqso 2nd Purchase - Part 2

Hello! I'm just picking up from my last post on my Uniqso purchase. If you missed the last review post then scroll down one. If you just want to click a link it's here:
 Uniqso 2nd Purchase Review - Part 1


ICK Garent Blue

ICK Garent Blue Specification
Base Curve - 8.6mm
Diameter - 15mm
Replacement Period - 12 months
Water Content - 42%

First I like to say.... sorry for my hair in this picture to the left. I took off my wig and forgot to take a picture to compare my eyes. >.<

Anyway, continuing on....

I absolutely love this contact! I wore the ICK Garnet Blue all day at work. (8hrs + 2hrs total commute = 10hrs) Not once did it felt dry to me, even though I look at computer screens all day.

The enlarging effect is nice and beautiful. Even at 15mm diameter, I can hardly feel the lenses. 
It felt so comfortable in my eyes. <3
The best thing about these Garnet blue circle lenses is that it is SUPER bright!

The color is very noticeable in the different lightnings. Of course, the blue is more noticeable in the brightest light. 

These lenses are a bit different to the ICK Animate Green in my last review. The black outside border is not as thick and the details in the blue area is different too.
Though, if you ask me to choose between ICK Garnet and ICK Animate I won't be able too. LOL

I highly recommend the ICK Garnet Blue for any dark eyed person looking to have blue eyes or, anyone who wants bright blue circle lenses for their cosplays.

Here are two examples of the effects the different lights have on my eyes.  

Indoor with sunlight through
the windows.
Sunlight (Early Morning)

I can't think of anything else to say.... so I'll end it with the picture below.

Think about the ICK Garnet Blue lenses the next time you are looking for any blue lenses.
 all of these photos are on a cellphone front camera. Imagine how pretty it will be on a SLR camera! >< LOL

 If you want to check it out then go to Uniqso! Here is the link!

-Mei ^^

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Uniqso 2nd purchase review Part 1

Hello Everyone! Sorry it has been so long since the last post. We've been so busy and it has been so cold that it's hard to keep on track. TT^TT

Anyway getting this post started!
I just recently bought two contact lenses and a wig from Uniqso! So here is my review!

The wig and the contacts were done in separate shipments because I bought two ICK brand circle contact lense. Unfornately, at that time the provider was away but that meant a good sale price for me! ^^ I just wanted these lenses for fashion wearing, so I wasn't in any hurry.

This is the awesome packaging for the circle contact lenses that was packed up nicely in its own boxes, in a padded envelope, into a DHL envelope.

I bought from Uniqso twice and they haven't fail at packaging! 
Unqiso, keep up the awesome work!

Also, I like to add that I didn't take any pictures on the packaging of the wig because I forgot. Sorry. (By the way, the wig review will be mixed in the middle because I wore it at the same time.)

Here are the cases for my ICK circle contact lenses!
The two lenses I got are from the same series but different type: The Animate Green and Garnet Blue.


ICK Animate Green

The ICK Animate Green Specification
Base Curve - 8.6mm
Diameter - 15mm
Replacement Period -12 months
Water Content - 42%

I have to say. I bought this circle lense base on the two facts:
1. it was on sale
2. it looked pretty on the model.
Therefore, this is my first time looking at the specification! >.< 
I wore it all day at work and it didn't feel uncomfortable at all!

The largest circle lenses I have bought in the past was a diameter of 14.8mm. The ICK Animate Green have such a noticeable enlarging effect that make up is a must! Therefore, please excuse my lack of eyeliner in this picture... It faded after a long day at work.. 

I got so many compliments from work from my circle contact lenses! The love how bright the color is even though my eyes is a naturally a dark brown! I AGREE!

I love the fact that it is a bigger circle lenses because the color stands out more since some of the color is on the white of your eyes.

To sum it up, the color is nice and bright! The thicker black rim on the outside of the lenses really help anyone looking for a dolly effect to their eyes! I have to say this is my new favorite circle lenses! I think I should buy the rest of the series because of the Animate Green's beauty! 

If you want to check it out then go to Uniqso's website! Maybe purchase one yourself! You will fall in love with it! Uniqso - ICK Animate Green


Purple Cosplay Wig - Tokyo Ghoul - Kamishiro Rize

Wig Length - 65cm

I bought this wig from Uniqso because I wanted to see how their wig quality is. Plus, I needed a purple wig for my Mismagius Gijinka cosplay. ><

The picture above is from Uniqso and the following pictures are mine.

A few note to say. I love this wig! It is super beautiful! It is not as dark purple as in the picture, but I love it anyway! 
I wore it all day at work and it frizzed a bit because I kept laying on my chair and playing with the wig.

To tell you about myself and wigs.... Long wigs and me are enemies! They will always get into a tangle messed that I can't even brush it out. TT^TT

However, this purple wig is so nice and fine that I can easily comb my finger through it. (SO HAPPY!)

The differences in lighting!
Left: Indoor with bright lighting
Middle: Natural Lighting
Right: Indoor Lighting Fluorescent Lights

Anyone looking for a purple wig, then come check out Uniqso website! They have a nice collection of wigs. I suggest checking their collection out.

You should take my word! Mainly because long wigs absolutely hate me.

No worries though! Thanks to Uniqso I found a long wig that I adore!

Here is the link! Go check it out!
Uniqso - Purple Wig


Ending it here since I haven't wore the ICK Garnet Blue yet.

I'll make a review on that tomorrow!
Now, I need to figure out what I want to wear with it tomorrow. ><

Thanks for reading!
-Mei ^^

Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Beauty

Today was a pretty productive day for our very first fashion photo shoot ^_^. The weather was weird though, it was a lot colder than I expected which obviously indicates the end of Summer...boo. Oh well fashion changes with the seasons :)

A mature beauty was goal
My outfit today consisted of:
- an olive green asymmetrical chiffon skirt
- a casual blouse that was purchased from YesStyle
- wine red wig from eBay
- black houndstooth pattern peep toe heels from Macy's
- grey circle lenses from PinkyParadise
- black frame glasses. 

I forgot to take close-up pictures of my face so you can see the circle lenses, but I'll get them next time. (︶︹︺)

Deep thinker
Any ways we can start with the hair, I got this lovely wine colored wig from eBay. My absolute go to spot for all of my cosplay wigs!

This wig is absolutely gorgeous because the color is noticeable but in a very sultry way. There are waves throughout which keep it pretty and fun! 
It rarely tangles so I guess I lucked out with this one. The length is perfect, because you can either leave it loose or tie it up if you wish! 

I highly recommend anyone looking for a red wig to check out this wine red wig on Ebay!

Next a quick blurb on the glasses! 
I got them from eBay as well AND they were a dollar and change! (Super cheap >.<)

The next I did when I got them was pop the lens out and viola! 

Fashion Frames ^_^

My shirt is from Yesstyle, by a brand called 59 Seconds. 
(I am a shop-o-holic and love shopping at Yesstyle. >.<)

This lovely over sized shirt is very comfortable and soft. The design is of a little school girl with some balloons on it. (So~~ cute! How can I not buy it? lol.) 

When I got it, I was super pleased with my purchase! 

The quality is amazing!

It's a free size and with a mixture of polyester and cotton, making the purchase so totally worth it. ^_^

Check it out! Here at this link! ----> 59 Seconds Girl Balloon Print T-Shirt

The asymmetrical chiffon skirt I got was from Forever 21. (You'd be amazed with the stuff you can find in there.)

I like to add that I am a sucker for army green color so when I saw it I had to have it! The lightweight material and train made it perfect. 

Plus, the shirt and the skirt went nicely together because of the off-white tone of the shirt.

Black peep toe racer heels, complete with outfit and accessories 
Lastly are my awesome shoes, that Hang picked out for me! They have this racer/k-pop vibe that I can't ignore and have fast become my go to heels. 

I got them from Macy's and they have houndstooth pattern that compliment the heels!

Here are some more pictures from today's shoot!
This beauty is ready to pounce ;)
Waiting for my equally cool lover

Number 1
Till next time----
We had so much fun today doing this shoot and there will be plenty more in the future!

We may even start making videos, depending on the weather....

Hang in there guys and stay tuned-----Kai Out

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Daganronpa's Junko Enoshima Photoshoot

Kai as Male Junko and me as Junko
from Dangaronpa

Kai and I are planning to cosplay as Junko Enoshima from Daganronpa for our future convention events.

Therefore, I picked up the camera and started to take some impromptu cosplay test pictures! We are still missing some parts of the cosplay, but we will get completely finish before heading to the convention!

Unfortunately our small town of boring didn't have any locations that we were looking for; therefore the following pictures are all taken outdoor. >.<

All the pictures was taken with a Nikon D3200 HDSLR Camera and a tripod was used for any of our group shot.
(My old tripod is now my new best friend)

We will have a following post stating where we got our pieces for the cosplay and reviewing the circle lenses we wore. ^^

For now, please enjoy the pictures taken during our boredom. >.<

A little about Kai.
Since I started cosplaying with Kai, she has already cosplayed as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, various forms of Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid, Female Kaito from Vocaloid, Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ Rin from Vocaloid, plus a lot more! 

This year she started to cosplay as male characters such as Setsugetsuka Kaito from Vocaloid. Do you think she is doing an awesome job?
Kai is working hard to try all the different characters for cosplay. Wish her luck! ^-^
I like to say that this was the one picture of
a good location, but unfornately we couldn't
take anymore. :(

The best thing about taken pictures by your house..... access to props!
Kai used her own electric guitar to add a nice touch to the pictures!

The following are pictures of me as Junko. I don't have much because I'm not as closely done as Kai was....

A little more about me...
I usually cosplay as the various outfits of Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid because she is my favorite Vocaloid character. Plus her short hair is a definite decision maker! >.< This way whenever Kai is cosplaying as Miku we can match!

My other cosplay I have done are Camellia Gumi from Vocaloid, Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid, Mankanshoku Mako from Kill la Kill.

I also love to dress up in lolita outfits because I can't stop buying them >.<

I'm ending this post with two group shot of Junko and male Junko.

For the past few convention events Kai and I have been having a hard time taken pictures together because we had no one else. OTL
Then I remember I have a tripod lying around at home! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
Therefore, I love you my tripod! <3

I always need to have some pictures
with me making a funny face!
Thank you for reading and looking at our pictures!
--- Mei