Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Uniqso 2nd purchase review Part 1

Hello Everyone! Sorry it has been so long since the last post. We've been so busy and it has been so cold that it's hard to keep on track. TT^TT

Anyway getting this post started!
I just recently bought two contact lenses and a wig from Uniqso! So here is my review!

The wig and the contacts were done in separate shipments because I bought two ICK brand circle contact lense. Unfornately, at that time the provider was away but that meant a good sale price for me! ^^ I just wanted these lenses for fashion wearing, so I wasn't in any hurry.

This is the awesome packaging for the circle contact lenses that was packed up nicely in its own boxes, in a padded envelope, into a DHL envelope.

I bought from Uniqso twice and they haven't fail at packaging! 
Unqiso, keep up the awesome work!

Also, I like to add that I didn't take any pictures on the packaging of the wig because I forgot. Sorry. (By the way, the wig review will be mixed in the middle because I wore it at the same time.)

Here are the cases for my ICK circle contact lenses!
The two lenses I got are from the same series but different type: The Animate Green and Garnet Blue.


ICK Animate Green

The ICK Animate Green Specification
Base Curve - 8.6mm
Diameter - 15mm
Replacement Period -12 months
Water Content - 42%

I have to say. I bought this circle lense base on the two facts:
1. it was on sale
2. it looked pretty on the model.
Therefore, this is my first time looking at the specification! >.< 
I wore it all day at work and it didn't feel uncomfortable at all!

The largest circle lenses I have bought in the past was a diameter of 14.8mm. The ICK Animate Green have such a noticeable enlarging effect that make up is a must! Therefore, please excuse my lack of eyeliner in this picture... It faded after a long day at work.. 

I got so many compliments from work from my circle contact lenses! The love how bright the color is even though my eyes is a naturally a dark brown! I AGREE!

I love the fact that it is a bigger circle lenses because the color stands out more since some of the color is on the white of your eyes.

To sum it up, the color is nice and bright! The thicker black rim on the outside of the lenses really help anyone looking for a dolly effect to their eyes! I have to say this is my new favorite circle lenses! I think I should buy the rest of the series because of the Animate Green's beauty! 

If you want to check it out then go to Uniqso's website! Maybe purchase one yourself! You will fall in love with it! Uniqso - ICK Animate Green


Purple Cosplay Wig - Tokyo Ghoul - Kamishiro Rize

Wig Length - 65cm

I bought this wig from Uniqso because I wanted to see how their wig quality is. Plus, I needed a purple wig for my Mismagius Gijinka cosplay. ><

The picture above is from Uniqso and the following pictures are mine.

A few note to say. I love this wig! It is super beautiful! It is not as dark purple as in the picture, but I love it anyway! 
I wore it all day at work and it frizzed a bit because I kept laying on my chair and playing with the wig.

To tell you about myself and wigs.... Long wigs and me are enemies! They will always get into a tangle messed that I can't even brush it out. TT^TT

However, this purple wig is so nice and fine that I can easily comb my finger through it. (SO HAPPY!)

The differences in lighting!
Left: Indoor with bright lighting
Middle: Natural Lighting
Right: Indoor Lighting Fluorescent Lights

Anyone looking for a purple wig, then come check out Uniqso website! They have a nice collection of wigs. I suggest checking their collection out.

You should take my word! Mainly because long wigs absolutely hate me.

No worries though! Thanks to Uniqso I found a long wig that I adore!

Here is the link! Go check it out!
Uniqso - Purple Wig


Ending it here since I haven't wore the ICK Garnet Blue yet.

I'll make a review on that tomorrow!
Now, I need to figure out what I want to wear with it tomorrow. ><

Thanks for reading!
-Mei ^^

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